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Top 10 Live Stock Management Solution Companies - 2021

The future of livestock management is fully digitalized. Modern livestock managers across the world are abandoning traditional management methods and increasingly incorporating technology solutions to remain competitive.

Advancements in digital technologies are rapidly fueling precision livestock farming (PLF) that enables farmers to optimize their contribution per animal, thereby improving livestock management. PLF brings real-time data about animal health, nutrition, and location under a single roof and delivers qualitative and quantitative results to promote sustainable development.

With the help of sensors, cameras, and image recognition software, ranchers can better monitor cattle and other animals, focus on their welfare, and improve livestock efficiency. Additionally, artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) are increasingly powering smart livestock management. AI helps farm managers accurately process huge volumes of

data and glean actionable insights into animal welfare. On the other hand, wireless IoT agriculture sensors and applications help ranchers with automated decision-making.

As such, the technological progressions in the arena are opening up a universe of new possibilities for livestock management solution providers. This implies that farm managers and ranchers looking for companies providing robust livestock management solutions have to choose from a plethora of options.

To make this task easier and assist livestock managers in identifying the right companies providing smart solutions, Food and Beverages Tech Review presents to you “Top 10 Livestock Management Solution Companies 2021.” A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts, and the Food and Beverages Tech Review editorial board has selected the top livestock management solution providers. In our selection process, we looked at the company’s offerings, core competency, news/press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognition.

    Top Live Stock Management Solution Companies

  • As a trusted technology and risk management partner, Kapco Futures works one-on-one with producers and processors to develop a margin focused risk management strategy. In a bid to help customers efficiently assess risks, monitor their profit and loss (P&L), and achieve risk reductions, the company delivers custom technology solutions purpose-built for each individual client. It leverages in-depth analytics, machine learning (ML), and hedging algorithms to develop customer risk models for a wide range of industries, including cattle and beef, grains and oilseeds, and commercial agriculture


  • navfarm


    NAVFARM develops a poultry ERP management software that makes the farm and livestock management efficient, productive, and profitable. It provides all the benefits needed to organize the farm and livestock practices, maintain records, track the production, manage the resources, analyzing the activities and new trends, gaining important insights,and increasing the profitability

  • Ranch Manager

    Ranch Manager

    Ranch Manager is Livestock Software designed for the modern livestock business. Keep detailed livestock records. Manage ID, pedigree and breeding. Record multiple actions including treatments, sales and animal locations. Track animal & herd performance including basic accounting capabilities for managing Expenses, Profit & Loss. Keep a ranch calendar and add unlimited notes to keep you organized

  • Agritec Software

    Agritec Software

    Agritec is a software company for farm management such as swine, beef, goats, dairy, sheep, and more. The company also provides solutions for Desktop, Web, and Mobile. It helps to improve the management of farms around the world of any size, from a few dozen to hundreds of thousands of breeding females

  • Calf Book

    Calf Book

    Calf Book is a web based application along with a mobile app to help livestock producers manage their cow/calf data. Calf Book provides a simple, highly accessible avenue to enter calving information. While there will always be a place for pen and paper, migrating record-keeping to a more systematic and analytical location such as this application will provide cattle producers with more useful information

  • CattlePro


    CattlePro greatly aids the producer in keeping up with technology and the everyday demands of the cattle business. The CattlePro system was specifically tailored to the beef industry’s unique needs, and it is also pre-wired and pre-plumbed to make placement and installation easier than ever. CattlePro keeps making advancements to make record keeping more simple and easier to use for current customers prospective

  • Chetu


    Chetu is a US-based software development company that provides businesses worldwide with custom technology solutions. As an application development company with over 2,000 skilled software developers, Chetu combines technological expertise, specific domain experience, and passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions. Chetu is a true and seamless backend technology partner, helping your business accelerate the development of desktop, mobile & web-based apps with on-demand developers that focus on moving your business forward

  • Farmbrite


    Farmbrite provides an all-in-one integrated solution to help farmers and ranchers to build crop plans, track & manage livestock, monitor inputs and yields, keep detailed records, manage work-orders, generate comprehensivereports, track finances, monitor inventory, market & sell online, and much more

  • Folio3


    Folio3 Software is a California based software development company that helps entrepreneurs and large corporations build innovative, world class software solutions by providing offshore application development and support. The company's clients include Fortune 500 companies and some of the most prestigious brands in the world

  • Livestocked


    Livestocked is a new and exciting way to manage the livestock business online. With a business first approach they understand clients would prefer be in the paddock and not in front of the computer. Their intuitive mobile interfaces help to manage your herd, inventory, sales and financials fromyour desk or out in the paddock

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